If you wish to become a speaker at the upcoming XML World 2001, please fill out the speaker application form by clicking on this link.

The XML World series of events has also become known and applauded for its status as an open and unbiased forum where adherents to different commercial product sets or standards movements can meet and champion their particular positions. The XML World expositions in particular have been marked by energetic marketing, bustling traffic and lively dialogue, and for product vendors looking for that one event most likely to attract the serious prospect, XML World 2001 promises to be that venue.

So once again, technology professionals and solution implementers who have been pushing XML forward into every corner of the internet market are asked to propose topics suitable for a presentation, tutorial, and thematic unit. Presentations are scheduled for a full 45 minutes with additional time for questions and discussions. The tutorials are typically scheduled to run for approximately three hours, with additional time for interaction. Full day tutorials, as may be needed for a detailed treatment of a technical subject, are something that will allow the growing demand for comprehensive information to be addressed.

As for thematic units, XML World 2001 will be exploring the possibility of subject specialists canvassing and proposing a related series of presentations to be delivered by a number of presenters. In this way, a single theme - such as security or a specific use of web services - can be treated in depth. Individuals wishing to act in the role of a "theme chair" are asked to propose a paper that would be suited to introducing a theme and identifying at least one other speaker for whom a paper is proposed as an continuation or specialization. All speakers within a single thematic unit will be drawn from different companies, although they may work closely together within the context of a technical committee facilitated by OASIS, as one example. The role of the theme chairs will be to coordinate an effective treatment of a single topic that they deem to be of pressing interest and to ensure that the presentations are synchronized to provide attendees with the best learning opportunity possible. Theme chairs will be given specific recognition in the conference materials and within the event itself.

The conference structure for XML World 2001 will feature a minimum of five tracks, each likely to be subdivided by a number of thematic units. This more fluid approach will allow the conference organizers to work with theme chairs and speakers to produce a dynamic and timely program. It is certain that at least two of the "tracks" will be dedicated to addressing developer topics at the most advanced level of detail. Historically, the developer sessions at XML World have tended to be very implementation oriented - specifically dealing with integration issues, bridging the gaps between technology paradigms, and linking mainstream tools with open source enhancements. The entire topic of "web services" is expected to command a significant degree of attention - at all levels from low level message processing through to high level business architecture coordination.

The tracks currently planned for XML World 2001 are as follows:

Commerce : Addressing all aspects of business integration with XML
Data : Focusing on the standards, tools, and challenges faced with the dynamic exchange and processing of data assets
Content : Exploring the application of XML to complex knowledge resources and leveraging their value
Multimedia : Showcasing the advances in multimedia delivery using XML-brokered technologies from SVG through SMIL to information visualization
Developers : Discussing the tools, techniques, languages, architectures and ideas being used to build cutting edge applications
New Trends : Accommodating inquiries into the status of standards, industry trends, the economics of content, business models, or completely off-the-wall manifestos

Individuals who are interested in participating in XML World 2001 are requested to prepare and submit the following:

  • name and complete contact information (including mailing address),
  • abstract: 150 words for a presentation, 1,000 words for a tutorial, and 500 for a thematic unit (plus candidate sessions),
  • for tutorials, the level of the intended audience as either introductory, intermediate technical, or developer,
  • speaker biography and photograph in an electronic format suitable for use in the conference prospectus.

Presentations should be educational in nature and not include any sales or marketing information. As attendees have consistently objected to presentations that are in reality thinly-veiled sales pitches, presenters are strongly advised to observe this restriction. Speakers are also encouraged to prepare and present original material as one of the functions of this event is to incite discussion about current technical and business issues.

Speakers will be required to provide their presentation materials a full two weeks in advance of the conference start date so that the attendees can be provided with the complete conference proceedings upon arrival.

If you wish to become a speaker at the upcoming XML World 2001, please fill out the speaker application form by clicking on this link.

The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, May 25, 2001.

Should you require further information please contact Julie Fourner at: crioux@interdoc.com

See you at XML World 2001 in San Francisco.

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