Michael Abbott Michael Abbott,
Electron Economy

Mr. Abbott is the Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Electron Economy. Mr. Abbott has more than nine years of services and product computing experience and has been published in several peer-reviewed journals. As director of Java solutions in the E-Commerce Practice at USWeb/CKS, Abbott set the technical vision for the practice. As managing architect of the E-Commerce Practice at USWeb/CKS, Abbott also led the design and implementation of multimillion-dollar engagements and initiated important strategic alliances with leading technology partners to give clients Java-based e-commerce solutions. Abbott also designed and implemented e-commerce projects utilizing CORBA/Java and COM/Active-X for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, developed end-to-end supply chain management applications for telecommunications, and is respected in the industry for his XML expertise.


Larry Alston Larry Alston,
Executive Vice President of Product Management and Chief Technology Officer,

Larry Alston comes to C-bridge from the eXcelon Corporation, where he most recently held the position of Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Strategy. In that role, Larry successfully defined and executed the company's product strategy for the e-Business sector and enabled the company's move into the B2B space. Larry conceived of and lead the product efforts to launch the industry's first XML-based information server. The eXcelon XML data server is currently the world's most widely deployed XML server on the market and provides the underpinnings of the next generation XML-based Integration server from eXcelon. Under Larry's product vision and strategy leadership, eXcelon Corporation's B2B division grew from $2 million to $20 million during the year 2000. Prior to this, Larry worked at Bachman Information Systems a developer of CASE tools. As employee 35, Larry saw the company grow from $0 to $50M in revenue, and assisted in the company's IPO. His work done here resulted in a patent. Prior to this, Larry began his career at Symbolics an AI workstation vendor, writing tools for AI development environment. Larry received an MBA from Northeastern University as well as a BS in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts.

Larry is a regular speaker on the topics of B2B Infrastructures and Architectures, XML technologies, and Object Oriented technologies. Among his speaking appearances are the following: High performance OO Systems, Comdex Fall 97, Internet World ;XML and eBusiness, XML Europe 98 & 99; XML One Europe, and XML Austin 99.


Mark Baker Mark Baker,
Technical Evangelist,
OmniMark Technologies

Before joining OmniMark he was Manager of Information Engineering Methods for Nortel. His involvement with markup technologies goes back to 1994 when he began work on single sourcing methods for at Nortel. He is the author of the book "Internet Programming with OmniMark"


Kishore Bhamidipati,
Senior Product Manager,

Kishore Bhamidipati is a Senior Product Manager working on XML and wireless areas in the Tools Division of Oracle. Prior to this, Kishore was in Oracle Support Services working with Oracle's premium customers. He joined Oracle in 1994 after getting his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas.


Simon Blackwell Simon Blackwell,
Psoom, Inc.

Mr. Blackwell is chairperson of the OASIS XACML technical committee. In 15 years of advanced technology work he has lead development of several software products and business-to-business web sites. He has consulted or provided training to Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, and university classes on topics as varied as computer security and product management.


Vince Budrovich,
Instructional Systems Manager,

As Instructional Systems Manager of ParaSoft, Vince Budrovich works closely with ParaSoft developers and customers to overlook and assure product quality and dependability. Budrovich has extensive experience working as a project manager, organizing and developing performance support materials for software products, and business systems analysis. Budrovich earned his Bachelors Degrees in Economics and Political Science from the University of California Santa Barbara and his Masters Degree in Planning and Administration from San Francisco State University.


Don Campbell,
Senior Director of Product Management,
Infravio Inc.



Shang-Che Cheng Shang-Che Cheng,
CTO and founder,

Shang-Che Cheng brings 12 years experience as a development manager for Oracle's Tools Division. He was the first developer to be hired in Oracle Applications Group and has written 60 percent of the application's foundation code. Cheng was responsible for multibyte-enabling Oracle 5, 6 and 7 Database Servers, Oracle Tools and Oracle Applications for sale to the world markets. Currently, Cheng leads Uniscape's research department in developing groundbreaking globalization technology solutions.


Viva Chu Viva Chu
Senior Architect,

Viva Chu is Senior Architect at interactive TV software provider MetaTV, where he is the lead architect and manager of MetaTV's Universal Portal Platform (UPP).
For more than six years, Viva has been architecting and managing the productization of mission-critical, enterprise-level Internet technologies.
Prior to his current position, Mr. Chu served as Director of Engineering at Viador, a publicly traded technology provider in the B2B and B2E portal infrastructure space.
At MetaTV, Viva is Mr. Chu holds a Computer Science degree from Duke University.


Alan coleman Alan Coleman ,
Technical Director,

Alan Coleman is a Technical Director at Kenamea, where he leadsDevelopment of the enterprise and Web Services components of the Kenamea Application Network. Prior to Kenamea, he developed client/server middleware at Convergent Technologies and Sybase, and architected and developed Enterprise Application Integration platforms at CrossWorlds Software. Mr. Coleman most recently served as CTO of a contingent workforce management Internet marketplace at Vivant, where he helped to define XML standards for the exchange of HR-related documents over the Internet with the HR-XML Consortium.


Ron Daniel Jr.,
Standards Architect,

Ron Daniel Jr. is a Standards Architect at Interwoven. Ron is an active member of the XML and metadata standards communities. He co-chairs the PRISM metadata working group and is a member of the XML Query working group. In the past he has chaired the XML Linking Interest Group, participated in the RDF groups, and co-edited numerous specs including XPointer, three IETF RFCs, and the first two Dublin Core reports. Before joining Interwoven, Ron was a Senior Information Scientist at Metacode, a startup company that specialized in metadata, taxonomies, and related technologies. Before that, Ron was a technical staff member at Los Alamos National Laboratory, working on projects around large-scale and long-duration information infrastructures. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State, and was a postdoctoral researcher at Cambridge University and Los Alamos.


William H. Dwight William H. Dwight,
Vice President, Application Development Tools & iLearning,
Tools Product Division,
Oracle Corporation

Bill Dwight is vice president of Application Development Tools & iLearning at Oracle Corporation. His organization is responsible for delivering tools that simplify the software development lifecycle for database applications and web services. Tools developed in Bill's organization include JDeveloper, Business Components for Java, Forms, Designer, and SQL*Plus. Bill's organization is also responsible for the development of Oracle iLearning - a Learning Management System (LMS) delivered as a hosted Internet service. Previously, Bill was vice president of engineering at NetGravity, a successful Internet startup company (subsequently acquired by Doubleclick, Inc.) that develops tools for managing and delivering advertising on the Web. Before NetGravity, Bill spent six years at Oracle in the Tools Product Division. He was named vice president of Developer and DSS Tools in 1995 and was responsible for products focused on database application development as well as on-line relational query and analysis. Prior to joining Oracle in 1990, Bill spent four years at Inference Corporation, a pioneer in the early Artificial Intelligence industry. At Inference, he developed object-oriented tools for building rule-based expert systems. Bill graduated from Princeton University in 1984 with a B.S. degree in electrical engineering and computer science.


Glynn Evans Glynn Evans,
Ablilizer Solutions Inc.

Evans oversees all engineering for the Abilizer product line. With over 21 years of IT and engineering management experience, Evans most recently served as CIO for Esurance, and before that as Senior Vice President for Information and Administration Strategy for Reuters. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Emmanual College, Cambridge University.


Alexander Falk Alexander Falk,
Altova Inc - - Tha XML Spy Company

Mr. Falk, a member of the Altova Board of Directors, co-founded the company (then called Icon Information-Systems) in 1992 and has been its President and CEO ever since. Primarily responsible for marketing and strategic development, Mr. Falk moved to the US in early 2001 and now manages the new US operations office.

Prior to founding Altova, Mr. Falk worked for Apple Computer, Inc., where he contributed to the ResEdit project within the Development Systems Group.

Mr. Falk holds a Diplom-Ingenieur (M.S. equivalent) university degree in semiconductor physics, is a member of the W3C Advisory Committee, and a member of the W3C XML Schema Working Group.


David Finlay David Finlay,
Senior Engineering Manager for Content and Application Switching,Network Equipment Division, Communications Products Group,
Intel Corporation

David Finlay is a Senior Engineering Manager for Content and Application Switching within the Network Equipment Division of Intel's Communications Products Group. David has 20 years experience bringing transactional software and services to market. He currently leads the Product Development team for Content and Application Based Switching. Before joining Intel Corporation in October 1999, as a part of the IPivot Inc. acquisition, David was the Director of Product Management with IPivot. Prior to his work with IPivot, David held a number of management positions with NCR Corporation in Strategic Relations, Software Marketing and Product Management.

David holds a Masters in Business Administration from San Diego State University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Intel, the world's largest chipmaker, is also a leading manufacturer of personal computer, networking and communications products. In 1971, Intel introduced the world's first microprocessor and sparked a computer revolution that has changed the world. Today, Intel supplies chips, boards, systems and software to the computing industry, other manufacturers and PC users worldwide. Information about Intel is available from the company's site on the World Wide Web at http://www.intel.com.


Daniela Florescu Daniela Florescu,
Principal Engineer,

Florescu holds expertise in object-oriented databases, query optimization, declarative web-site management and XML. Additional accomplishments:

  • Co-author, "XML Query Language"
  • Editor, Xquery specification, W3C
  • Editor, Xpath 2.0 specification
  • Member, XML Protocol team
  • PhD, Paris France University

Florescu previously worked with AT&T Research labs and INRIA, France.


Michael Franklin Michael Franklin,

Michael Franklin is an internationally recognized expert in distributed databases and data management. He is a professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley, and is a Technical Advisor and Consultant to RightOrder Incorporated.


Nic Fulton,
Vice President Technology and Innovation Strategy,
Reuters Group



Lee Gibbons Lee Gibbons,
Director of Product Management,
NextPage, Inc.

Lee Gibbons has 15 years of experience in the high-tech market. He headed Folio Corporation's publisher dvision and directed electronic product development at Matthew Bender & Co., Inc. At NextPage, Lee directs product development and strategic direction of NextPage products, which address customers' needs for publishing large volumes of content on the Internet and intranet. Lee has been instrumental in establishing XML as the standard in NextPage products.


Joe Gollner Joe Gollner,
Founder and President,
XIA Information Architects Corporation

Mr. Gollner, a leading authority on how XML technology can be leveraged by modern organizations to change the way they inter-operate, supports an international clientele in the adoption of XML and the development of cost-effective XML solutions. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Queen's University and a Master's of Philosophy from the University of Oxford.


Charles F. Goldfarb Charles F. Goldfarb,
Father of markup languages and co-author of The XML Handbook

Charles F. Goldfarb is the father of markup languages, a term that he coined in 1970. He invented the original SGML language in 1974 and later led the team that developed it into the International Standard on which both HTML and XML are based. He has served as Editor of the Standard (ISO 8879) for 20 years, and is a consultant to developers of SGML and XML applications and products.

While at IBM Dr. Goldfarb led the project that in 1969 invented SGML's precursor, GML, the first structured markup language. He edits Prentice-Hall's Definitive XML Series from Charles F. Goldfarb and co-authored The XML Handbook™ and the SGML Buyer's Guide™.

Dr. Goldfarb is an Honorary Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication. He also holds the first GCA International SGML Award and the Printing Industries of America Gutenberg Award. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Columbia College.


Scott Hollenbeck Scott Hollenbeck,
Technology Liaison,
VeriSign, Inc.

BS Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University, MS Computer Science and graduate certificate in Software Engineering from George Mason University. 17 years of experience in developing applications and systems in the areas of Information Security, computer networking, and domain name management.


Dr. Evan Huang Dr. Evan Huang,
President and CTO,
XMLCities, Inc.

Dr. Evan Huang is the President of XMLCities, Inc., a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, specialized in providing XML creation, conversion, and publishing solutions. Dr. Huang has over 17 publications in various technical journals and held positions at SRI-International, Caere Corporation and Adobe Systems Inc. before co-founding XMLCities Inc. in 1997.


Vernon Imrich Vernon Imrich,
Percussion Software

Mr. Vernon Imrich is knowledgeable in workflow and content technologies, including XML, XSL, content management, and relational databases. Before serving as CTO, Mr. Imrich was director of product strategy as well as technical marketing manager for Percussion. Prior to joining Percussion, he pursued graduate research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fields of numerical methods, computer simulations and hydrodynamics. Imrich holds a bachelor's degree in naval architecture and ocean engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.


Mark Jamtgaard Mark Jamtgaard,

Mark brings over five years of experience in the wireless industry to 2Roam. Mark put his graduate studies in wireless communications and adaptive systems at Stanford University on hold to start 2Roam. Before graduate school he honed his technological expertise at Radix Technologies, a wireless R&D company, where he applied smart antenna research to projects including wireless local loop systems. Mark received a B.S. EE degree from Santa Clara University.


Jack Jia Jack Jia,
Senior Vice President of Engineering,

Jack S. Jia, Vice President of Engineering for Interwoven, Inc., joined Interwoven in January of 1997. Prior to joining Interwoven, he was a founder and CEO of V-max America. Mr. Jia led operating systems and applications development at SGI, Sun Microsystems, Stratus and at NASA for over a decade.


Brian Hajime Ogata,
Product Marketing Manager Java (TM) and XML Software,
Sun Microsystems



Kimberlee Kemble,
Marketing Program Manager,
IBM Voice Systems

Kimberlee Kemble is Program Manager for IBM Voice Systems Middleware Education and Training. Kim has been with IBM since 1982, and has been working in the exciting field of speech recognition since 1994. Currently, she coordinates education and training programs for several IBM voice products and technologies, with special focus on VoiceXML and voice user interface design. She is also active in the VoiceXML Forum Education Committee.


Sanjay Kumar Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Senior Director of Product Marketing
iManage, Inc.

Sanjay Kumar oversees the development of iManage's core product suite, WorkSite. He has extensive knowledge in J2EE and XML technologies and more than 10 years of experience in the software industry. Before joining iManage, he worked at Texas Instruments, Ernest & Young LLP and Lucent Technologies.


Rick Kuzyk Rick Kuzyk,
Technical Evangelist,
Sonic Software

Rick Kuzyk has over 16 years of experience in the software industry, which includes application development, education, sales and marketing. Kuzyk is responsible for evangelizing the use of SonicMQ as the essential backbone for the development and deployment of e-business applications. Kuzyk has contributed white papers, speaking engagements and building and maintaining a developer’s portal centered on Java and e-business messaging. His efforts are aimed at helping to educate the industry on e-business messaging and related standards such as XML, SOAP, and Web services.


Ulrich Leuthner Ulrich Leuthner,
Senior Product Marketing Manager,
FileNET Corporation

Ulrich Leuthner currently serves as senior product marketing manager responsible for overseeing the launch of FileNET's new eBusiness framework software, Brightspire. Leuthner began his FileNET career as product marketing manager for central Europe. Prior to FileNET, he spent over 10 years working for German computer firms, Control Data and Nixdorf Computer.


David Levett,

Dave Levett founded Altio in December 1999 following 20 years of creating and directing development of commercial software applications. Prior to founding Altio, Dave was Director of Innovation at Talus Solutions. There, he led initiatives to deliver dynamic pricing and revenue management solutions to leading e-commerce companies. Before that, he spent four years as managing director at Image and Signal Sciences (ISS), a company that provides software architecture and operational research consultancy.

Dave has a broad experience in the software industry. Some of his accomplishments include: developing a system for image compression and transmission of photographs for Reuters, speech recognition systems for the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, and dynamic ticket pricing systems used by both British Airways and Delta Airlines. Dave has also worked extensively in parallel and distributed computing, user interfaces, and XML.

Dave carried out his PhD research in 'Multi-dimensional Multi-resolution Stochastic Optimization' and holds a bachelor's degree in Physics and Microcomputing from the University of Surrey, England.


Don Liberty,
Product Manager,
BitFlash Inc

As product manager at BitFlash, Don Liberty plays a lead technical advisory role for the company's business development group. For this, he draws on several years of product management and QA experience in the software industry. In particular, Don spent many years at Corel as product manager of third party integration as well as QA team lead of SVG filters and file conversions. Don is instrumental in keeping BitFlash focused and up-to-date on XML/SVG and mindful of end-user needs. Don holds a bachelor's degree in English from Acadia University


Bob Lojek Bob Lojek,
Chief Information Architect,
Mozquito Technologies AG

Bob Lojek is chief information architect for Mozquito Technologies. He is currently a W3C XML working group member. Lojek has done workshops and presentations on XSLT and XPath.


Steve Mathews Steve Mathews,
SVP Architecture & Standards,
Conclusive Logic

Steve Mathews works with both commercial and standards groups developing secure commerce through EDI, XML and PKI. He has over 30 years experience of IT, largely in the areas of commercial applications systems,EDI and security. He is one of the contributors to the ISO 17799 standard for IT security management.


W. Scott Means,
Software Developer,
Microsoft Corporation

W. Scott Means has been a professional software developer since 1988, when he joined Microsoft Corporation at the age of 17. He was one of the original developers of OS/2 1.1 and Windows NT, and he did some of the early work on the Microsoft Network for the Advanced Technology and Business Development group. He has written and co-written three books on XML-related topics. Most recently, he is serving as the CEO of Enterprise Web Machines, a South Carolina-based Internet infrastructure company.


Michael Zur Muehlen Michael Zur Muehlen,
Lecturer and Research Assistant,
University of Muenster

Michael Zur Muehlen is working as a lecturer and research assistant at the Department of Information Systems of the University of Muenster, Germany, in the fields of information modeling and workflow management. Mr. zur Muehlen has participated in numerous industrial BPR and workflow projects and has published several articles on the topics of meta-modeling, process and workflow managemen


Rajet Mukherjee Rajet Mukherjee,
Principal Software Architect,
Verity Inc.

Dr. Rajat Mukherjee is Principal Software Architect at Verity, Inc., in Sunnyvale, California. He currently works in the area of Social Networks. Social Networks embodies the interplay between people's interests, the needs of the business, and the data itselfsuch as personalization and peer to peer computing. Dr. Mukherjee completed his B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India in 1987. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in the general area of Parallel Computing at Rice University, Houston, Texas, in 1990 and 1993, respectively. Subsequently, he joined IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center, where he worked on clustered computing, scalability, high availability and scalable web servers, and helped design infrastructures used during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the Deep Blue - Kasparov Chess match. He moved to IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California, in 1997, where he worked on distributed digital libraries and content management. He worked with Purpleyogi, Inc., a Silicon Valley content discovery startup for a year before joining Verity.


Charles Myers Charles Myers,
Senior Manager of Business Development, ePaper Solutions Group,
Adobe Systems, Incorporated

As Senior Manager of Business Development, ePaper Solutions Group for Adobe Systems, Mr. Myers is responsible for the strategic technology direction for the ePaper Solutions Group, which is responsible for Adobe's Acrobat and eBook products and standards participation. Mr. Myers has more than 25 years of experience in the computer software and publishing industries at Datalogics, Frame, and Datalogics. He was responsible for Datalogics PAGER publishing product and a number of early SGML and database publishing systems. Mr. Myers holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. Recent speaking engagements, include: XML 2000; Seybold Seminars/San Francisco 2000; "XML and PDF - Working Together Tutorial"; "XML Day: Vendors on the Line", Seybold Seminars, September 1998; and "XML and PDF - Working Together Tutorial", SGML/XML 98 November 1998; "XML and PDF: Digital Harmony," Global Electronic Document Systems (Xplor) Conference '99.


Simon Nicholson Simon Nicholson,
Chairman of he OASIS Board of Directors 

Simon Nicholson currently manages Industry Initiatives for Sun Microsystems' XML Technology Center. In this role, Simon holds responsibility for representing Sun at standards organizations and industry consortia such as OASIS and UDDI.org. as well as for helping to develop and implement Sun's XML-based software strategy. Simon has served in key roles at several technical standards organizations and industry consortia, such as, Secretary/Treasurer and Chair of the OASIS Board of Directors, co-chair of the ebXML Marketing Project Team, and working member of UDDI.org.


Darren Platt,
Chief Technology Officer,
RSA Technology



Michel Prompt Michel Prompt,
Founder and CEO,
Radiant Logic

Michel is a world-renowned developer, researcher and entrepreneur who most recently founded Radiant Logic, a software company focused on integrating Directory Services (LDAP), XML and databases to enable companies to easily locate and combine information housed in disparate databases and better manage e-business.

Prior founding Radiant Logic in 1995, Prompt served as Senior Vice President of Client/Server Technology at Knowledgeware, now known as Sterling Software. In 1986, Prompt founded Matesys SA in France, a company dedicated to providing services and database support. Matesys introduced the first file-manager, duplicating the Apple Macintosh finder under Windows 2.1 and sold 500,000 copies to IBM for academic bundles. Prompt founded Matesys Corp., in the U.S., in 1991, becoming one of the pioneer companies in client/server technology. Matesys introduced one of the first visual programming tools under Windows 3.0 for the client/server market (Object View). Prompt successfully sold the company to Knowledgeware in 1993.

Prior to Matesys, Prompt was a core developer in the database group of the GCOS 7.0 Operating System for Bull Systems. He also served as a consultant to Cap Sogeti Gemini, one of the largest IT service companies in Europe. Prompt received his diploma from Institut Politiques de Paris (Political Sciences Institute of Paris). He has a Masters degree in applied mathematics from Paris Dauphine University and received a diploma of advanced studies in computer science from Paris Dauphine University.


Sridhar Reddy
Java(TM) Technology Evangelist
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Sridhar is a Java(TM) Certified Programmer and has over 6 years of experience in Java(TM) technologies. He has over 15 years of application development in Graphics Users Interface, 2D and 3D graphics drivers for CAD and client-server distributed application and also in porting and tuning applications on the Solaris(TM) Operating Environment. Currently, he develops and delivers Java(TM) Code Camps and Tutorials in Java(TM) Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB), Java (TM) API for XML Processing (JAXP), Java (TM) API for XML Messaging (JAXM).

Additionally, he conducts Code Camps and Tutorials in Java(TM) 2 Plaform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE(TM)), Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) (EJB(TM)) technologies, and Java(TM) Message Service (JMS) technologies. He speaks and conducts intensive developer workshops at technical conferences around the world including Sun Technology Days, JavaOne, Sun's Developer Days, Oracle's iDevelop conference and XML Conferences.

Sridhar holds an MS in Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering.


Grover Righter Grover Righter,
VP Technical Strategy,
Kabira Technologies

Grover Righter has over twenty years of experience in computing and high technology. Prior to joining Kabira, Righter was vice president for Interix, which was sold to Microsoft in 1999. Mr. Righter has held vice president positions in marketing and product development at Novell, Geoworks, The Santa Cruz Operation, Softway Systems and RMS, where he was CEO and Founder. He has been a member of the IEEE for twenty years and has contributed to multiple international software standardization projects including POSIX, Open Groups' XPG and IEEE 802. Mr. Righter has written large scale programs on systems as diverse as IBM 360/370 architecture, RSX-11, VMS, M-6800 real-time systems, OS/2, Windows NT, MS-DOS and more UNIX variants.


Bruce Rosenblum Bruce Rosenblum,
Inera Inc.

Bruce Rosenblum is CEO of Inera Incorporated, a consulting company specializing in structured document technologies, and publisher of eXtyles, a suite of editorial and XML tools for Microsoft Word. Prior to joining Inera he led design and development teams for soft-ware products published by Microsoft, Word Perfect, and Houghton Mifflin.


Frank Ryan Frank Ryan,
Director, Product Management, eBusiness Integration,
SilverStream Software, Inc.

Frank Ryan is the director of product management, eBusiness Integration Products, at SilverStream Software. Frank brings over 20 years of experience in IT strategy, product management and development experience to SilverStream. Prior to SilverStream, Frank held positions at GE, Electrical Distribution and Control, most recently as IT manager for Business Integration. Prior to GE, Frank held director level positions at Level 3 Communications and EC Cubed. Frank holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Connecticut.


Mike Rymkiewicz Mike Rymkiewicz,
Technical Evangelist,
NeoCore Inc

Mike Rymkiewicz is a Technical Evangelist with NeoCore Inc. He is an experienced Senior Enterprise Architect, Developer and Technical Evangelist with more than 12 years of experience and knowledge in building enterprise solutions. His past experiences include Project Management, B2B solutions, EAI and Enterprise Application Integration. He has hands-on experience developing solutions based on the J2EE/XML and has been involved with Java since 1995. Rymkiewicz holds a bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has spoken to numerous XML User groups, Business groups and Engineering teams about XML and Java technologies.


David Seaman David Seaman,
Vice President of Engineering,
MobileQ, Inc.

David R. Seaman is vice president of the engineering division of MobileQ. David is a recognized leader in SGML and XML, having founded InfoDesign in the late 1980s and having served as vice president of advanced technology for Open Text Corporation. He’s responsible for all aspects of MobileQ product development.


Michael Sperberg-McQueen Michael Sperberg-McQueen,
Architecture Domain Leader,

Michael Sperberg-McQueen serves as co-chair (with Dave Hollander of HP) of the XML Schema Work Group, which is part of the W3C XML Activity; before the XML Schema work started, he served as coeditor (with Tim Bray and Jean Paoli) of the W3C Recommendation XML 1.0. Since 1988, Michael has served as editor in chief of the Text Encoding Initiative, an international cooperative project to develop and disseminate guidelines for the encoding and interchange of electronic texts for research purposes. He holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Stanford University.


Keith Swenson Keith Swenson,
Director of Engineering,
MS2 Inc.

Keith has published numerous papers and articles on Workflow and Groupware. He is currently Director of Engineering at MS2 Inc, producer of a collaborative Product Lifecycle Application known as MS2 Accelerate. Previously he was Software Architect at Netscape for the internet workflow product Process Manager and the developer tool Visual JavaScript. Before that, at Fujitsu, he started the Regatta Project, which produced the software products TeamWARE Flow and iFlow. Before that at Ashton Tate he managed the development of Framework IV. He has participated in the development of a number of workflow standards in the OMG and in WfMC. In 1996, he was elected a Fellow of the Workflow Management Coalition. From 1995 to 1997 he served as Vice Chairman of the ACM Special Interest Group for Group Support Systems (SigGROUP).


Sonjaya Tandon Sonjaya Tandon,
Chief Technology Officer,

Sonjaya Tandon is the Chief Technology Officer at Dataskill, a systems integrator that specializes in creating custom multi-tiered applications. Sonjaya has over 15 years of industry experience. In 1987, working at Layered Inc (A Paul Allen Company), he became one of the first engineers to develop in C++ on the Intel platform. Sonjaya has since worked for Lotus Development Corporation, and Park City Group (owned by Randy Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies). He has been architecting Java based solutions since 1996, and XML based solutions since 1999. He has recently adopted Curl as Dataskill's front end language of choice.


James Tauber James Tauber,
Product Manager, E-Business Suite,

He was recently named by Network World as one of the 75 most influential people in networking. A participant in the W3C's XML activity from the beginning, he continues to be involved in the development of Web services standards. James is also a well-known open source developer. He maintains a number of XML-related sites, including xmlsoftware.com and frequently runs seminars, workshops and tutorials on XML and Web services topics.



Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor,
Director, XML Technology,
Whitehill Technologies

Jason is responsible for the management and direction of Whitehill's suite of e-business solutions. As Product Manager, Jason works closely with the development, sales and client services groups, ensuring that Whitehill's XML and XSL based solutions closely reflect client and market needs. Prior to joining Whitehill in 1998, in addition to owning a successful network consulting company, Jason was responsible for managing, consulting and implementing software and computing systems for many companies throughout Atlantic Canada.


Doug Tidwell Doug Tidwell,
Senior Programmer,

His job as a Cyber Evangelist is to help people use new technologies to solve business problems. He was a speaker at the first XML conference in 1997, and has been working with markup languages for more than a decade. Over the last few years, he has spoken on Java, XML, Security, and Web services topics around the world. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University, and a Bachelors Degree in English from the University of Georgia.


Doug Tidwell Mark SB Tiggas,
Systems Architect, Payment Coordination Strategy Manager, Payment Coordination Strategy Architecture
Wells Fargo Services Company, Minneapolis.

Mark has more than 20 years experience in distributed computing, including over 15 years of Internet development. Mark has been with Wells Fargo Services Company for 3 years. In that time Mark has been led the technology for Providus, our eProcurement solution, has been deeply engaged in electronic bill presentment and payment, including Spectrum, and has been a key contributor to payments related eCommerce initiatives.

Prior to joining Wells Fargo Mark led two system and development consulting organizations in the twin cites, been a consultant himself. During this time, Mark introduced several companies including many Fortune 500 companies to the Internet, the Web and eCommerce. While serving as the chief technologist for an Information Services Company, twice on the list of Fortune magazines 50 fastest growing companies, Mark was the principal architect behind a distributed search and retrieval system used to house and research technical information. Mark began his career, as an Industrial Engineer, for a Fortune 500 company, introducing Mini and Microcomputers into the manufacturing environment for test, measurement and reporting.


Edward M.Tuggle, Jr Edward M.Tuggle, Jr.,
Senior Software Engineer,
IBM Corp.

Edward M. Tuggle, Jr. received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree from the University of Oklahoma, and is currently a Senior Software Engineer on the IBM Jstart team. He worked with IBM in operating systems for 25 years, and recently has specialized in Java, delivering numerous workshops in Java application design and programming for ISVs.


Mike Uomoto,
Vice President, Product Management and Product Marketing,
OpenDesign, Inc.

Mike Uomoto brings to OpenDesign extensive experience in all aspects of product management and marketing in rapidly growing environments. Prior to OpenDesign, Mike worked in various roles at Commerce One, most recently as Vice President of Commerce One.net. Before Commerce One, Mike was a product manager with Netscape, having joined through the acquisition of Actra Business Systems. Mike also has held positions with GE Information Services, Boeing Computer Services, and Safeco Insurance Company. He received his MBA from Seattle University, and a B.A. in Finance and Quantitative Methods from the University of Washington


Dr. Claude Vogel Dr. Claude Vogel ,
Founder and Chief Technology Officer,
Semio Corporation

Dr. Claude Vogel is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Semio Corporation. Semio offers a solution that categorize information for portals. These taxonomies and directories are based upon concepts automatically extracted and organized from large collections of documents. He has a background in Anthropology, Semiotics and Artificial Intelligence (Ph.D. Social Anthropology, 1976, Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology, 1992, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris).

He is an Associate Professor of Computational Semiotics at the University of Montreal, and a member of honor of the French Association for Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Vogel engages in ongoing research and has published more than 70 pieces, including nine books on the subjects of software engineering, cognitive design, social organizations, and semiotics.


Jonathan Webster Jonathan Webster,
Associate Dean,
City University of Hong Kong

Jonathan Webster received his PhD from the State University of New York at Buffalo in Linguistics. He is Acting Head, Department of English and Communication, and Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, at the City University of Hong Kong. His research interests include computational lexicography, and example-based machine translation.


Steven Wertheim Steven Wertheim,
Senior Technical Consultant,
MEGA International

Steve has over 17 years of industry experience. Before joining MEGA he was Director of Technology at Braingem in Boston and held a number of academic IT positions including Director of Educational Computing at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He has a PhD in Neuroscience from MIT.


Brent Young Brent Young,
Software Engineer,
Curl Corporation

Brent Young joined Curl Corporation in January 2000. During his tenure, he has developed numerous Curl applications, an XML parser, helped establish the company's San Francisco office, and provided strategic counsel concerning architectural decisions of the Curl Content Language and platform. Previously, Brent worked at ShoppingList.com, where he was responsible for both front-end (HTML, JS, CSS) and back-end (Java, Perl) development, with an emphasis on the organization and implementation of Oracle 8i databases. Brent holds both a Masters of Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Cornell University. He is the main editor of the Curl directory in the Open Directory Project and is a member of the Software Development Forum.


Sinisa Zimek Sinisa Zimek ,
Director of Technology Architecture,

Sinisa Zimek is Director of XML and Java-based technology architectures at SAP where he is responsible for planning and driving SAP's strategy of architecture standards. Mr. Zimek's professional background includes more than 15 years of technology and product management, development as well as consulting. He has been holding several management positions with SAP and Daimler-Benz. Mr. Zimek is the author of numerous publications and an active speaker and track-leader on conferences. He holds a M.S. degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Karlsruhe, Germany and has been managing many research programs for academic and industrial sponsors.



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