Graced by good weather and San Francisco's unique charms, XML World 2001 brought together a diverse community of speakers and attendees around the ever expanding phenomenon of XML. The variety of topics addressed and the number of applications being undertaken by attendees all point to the unbridled proliferation of XML into the far reaches of business and technology. If there was a central theme for this year's XML World, it was diversity. In fact, so diverse was the range of issues being discussed that the topic soon arose, on several occasions and in several different contexts, of whether XML, in being "everywhere", was too broad a topic to be considered on its own.

In closing the conference, though, both the closing Keynote speaker, Dr. Charles Goldfarb, and the conference chair, drew the attention of attendees to the fact that "diversity" is, in fact, the key to XML and to its ability to solve business and technology problems in every sector and at many levels. It is this "diversity" that has made it so interesting and so popular. It was also emphasized that the roots of XML extend equally towards the information prepared and used by people and the data prepared and used by applications. In fact, the web phenomenon has been making it clear that the feasibility of distinguishing between information resources oriented to people and those resources oriented to applications is quickly disappearing. Recognizing the ability of XML to bridge the gaps between people and applications is the key to seeing why XML is proliferating across so many industries and sectors. Recognizing this fact highlights the importance of keeping at least one eye on XML itself even while specific domains of application rise and fall in the media limelight.

Joe GollnerUnquestionably the best XML event of the year 2000, XML World is coming to San Francisco for 2001. The one event that showcases all aspects of XML - and that gives a due emphasis to the business of XML - will be opening its doors at the Renaissance Parc Fifty Five Hotel from the 26th through 29th of November, 2001. It will be the one event where developers, project managers, investors, integrators, and product vendors will be able to find information and contacts of immediate and practical use.

The XML World series of events has, since its initiation in 1998, arisen to be the one annual event on the XML calendar that fills the need for a technical conference that tunes its focus to the design and deployment of applications that will help organizations build real XML solutions - meaning solutions that make a difference today.

Building on the outstanding success of last year's event, XML World 2001 offers an expanded program that meets the needs of both working developers and technology managers. This program endeavours to sample widely from the many different areas in which XML is making its mark while at the same time providing due emphasis to the rise of Web Services as a fundamental market phenomenon. The common theme running through the entire conference program is the fact that, in essence, XML is transforming, incrementally but irresistibly, the web from being a forum for document exchange into being a database - a massive, singular, global database - on which our applications, eventually all of our applications, will operate. As will become abundantly clear to every participant in XML World 2001, with the advent of XML, the Web is the Database.

Joe Gollner,
Chair, XML World 2001

Michael Sperberg-McQueen Michael Sperberg-McQueen,
Architecture Domain Leader, W3C
Simon Nicholson Simon Nicholson,
Chairman of the OASIS Board of Directors
Doug Tidwell Doug Tidwell,
Senior Programmer, IBM 
James Tauber

James Tauber,
Director, XML Technology, Bowstreet

Sinisa Zimek
Director of Technology Architecture, SAP
Mark SB Tiggas Mark SB Tiggas,
Systems Architect, Payment Coordination Strategy Manager, Payment Coordination Strategy Architecture
Wells Fargo Services Company, Minneapolis.
William H. Dwight William H. Dwight,
Vice President, Application Development Tools & iLearning,
Tools Product Division,
Oracle Corporation
Charles F. Goldfarb Charles F. Goldfarb,
Father of markup languages and co-author of The XML Handbook
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