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Open Discussion on XSLT Processor Conformance

The OASIS committee on XSLT/XPath conformance is a focal point for collecting diverse ideas about behavior of XSLT processors and sanctioning a set of tests that will allow developers and users of those processors to assess their merits. The OASIS committee will review the XSLT and XPath specs in great detail, producing a report that isolates the areas of looseness and advances XSLT knowledge in a vendor-independent way. Here's your opportunity to meet with some of the committee members to discuss testing issues and how you want to measure conformance. The discussion will probably be fairly technical and focused on how we determine what the W3C XSLT and XPath recommendations mean, and then how we determine whether a given processor correctly implements the specifications. All who evaluate XSLT processors are especially welcome!

Process is the business  Business is the process   

We invite you to join us at our free Breakfast Briefing (Continental Breakfast included) from 7.30 8.30 am on Thursday, September 7, and find out what's going on in the workflow industry. The Monday tutorial session on Workflow XML (Wf/XML) addresses the use of XML to support the interaction of separate workflow systems, which is only one part (albeit very important) for workflow systems.  This Breakfast Briefing will introduce the workflow technology in general, putting the conference session into perspective. 

Workflow management provides the tools to automate the business process, whatever the industry; whether traditional paper processes or the latest e-commerce.  The Workflow Management Coalition is meeting concurrently with XML World, and is offering a breakfast-briefing, "Introduction to Workflow."  This fast-paced, free, vendor-independent tutorial is available to all conference participants, and will cover 

 * What is (automated) workflow?
 * What does Work Management accomplish?
 * Benefits
 * Technology and Standards
 * Success stories
 * How to get started

Members of the Workflow Management Coalition, representing the leading vendors of workflow products and services, will also be present to answer questions after the presentation. 

The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) has over 225 member organizations worldwide, representing all facets of workflow, from vendors to users, and from academics to consultants.  As a Coalition member, you have the opportunity to influence developing standards and network with the key players.  

The WfMC is holding its Fall meeting concurrently with XML World.  If you would like to attend our technical committee meeting (Sept 5-7), you may do so as a Guest Member. The fee is $350, which gives you access to all our meetings for the next year. Please visit our site at for more information on our meeting and how to become a Coalition member. You may also register as a Guest Member or General Member on site.

Last year's XML World focused on the business to business applications of XML and delivered a wide-ranging program that was anything but a mindless celebration of XML. The event was seen by many to be a "voice of sanity" amid all the media hype. This formula seemed to hit a chord attracting people from sixteen different countries and effectively selling out the event and taxing to the limit the elegant facilities of the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa.

This year the momentum continues to build behind XML and the need for this type of open forum seems to be greater than ever. As it is expected that about 80 exhibitors will showcase their products to over 2000 attendees at this year's event, a new venue was established in the heart of Boston.

This year the focus of XML World will fall on two topics, each related to the fundamental goal of deploying XML within effective business applications. One topic will be the state of the art in development tools available to access, manipulate, and render XML from within mainstream programming environments. A second topic will be the higher level coordination and management issues revolving around the operation and maintenance of shared applications, as is the case when a community agrees to work with a common set of interchangeable data structures. The second topic opens specific technical considerations as well as more fundamental business challenges.

Following these two topics, XML World 2000 will showcase presentations that address the evolving library of capabilities associated with the growing family of XML recommendations as well as the tools that are becoming available from commercial vendors and within the public domain. Accordingly, the facilities for working with XML provided by the major technology vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, and SUN Microsystems, to name a few, will be given close attention.  Again, following a similar line of argument, the initiatives aimed at establishing a shared framework for application interaction, such as the ebXML effort at OASIS or BizTalk with Microsoft, will be given a forum so that all of the work invested in building specific application components actually contribute to worthwhile business solutions that are globally distributed.

Finally, XML World 2000 will attempt, as it has in the past, to bring forward those aspects of XML that merit a closer look. It is easy sometimes to see XML as simply a data type whose sole reason for being is to support a grander effort, the launch of a global application known as the Web.  But the history that stands behind XML and the many reasons that have forced it to the surface now will be revisited at XML World 2000 so that all who participate can see that its full potential maybe something even more significant. It is even hoped that XML World 2000 will provide a single venue wherein some of the long-term issues about the evolution and governance of XML itself can be discussed. It will be a discussion that will benefit from a variety of voices.

  • XML / XSL / XSLT / XLink
  • XML Schema
  • SGML / HyTime
  • Business 2 Business
  • Corporate Portals
  • Knowledge Management
  • XML with Java and Perl
  • XML Servers
  • Microsoft and BizTalk
  • OASIS and ebXML


XML World 2000

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