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XML World - Joe GollnerThe XML World 2001 series will achieve a new level of success for XML events in terms of media impact and technical relevance. In 2000, attendees, speakers, exhibitors and the press all came away with good things to say about XML World. One attendee thanked the conference organizers for assembling such a wide-ranging program while another commented that the event provided an excellent overview of "XML in the world - both business and technical". The XML World series continues to set the standard by which other events are now measured. By a quantitative measure, XML World continues to double in overall size every year.

After the success of XML World in Boston and given the growing demand for this type of caliber events to be held in Europe, XML World is pleased to announce its European edition. The XML World 2001 Euro Edition conference and exposition will be held at the Hilton Amsterdam, March 26 - 28, 2001. Central to the continued success of the XML World series has been the emphasis placed on the diversity of viewpoints being brought together in an open, unbiased forum. In launching a European Edition, XML World wishes to carry this strength forward and give its content an even more global orientation. Attendees will appreciate the quality of the speakers, the technical depth of the track sessions, and the interest level amongst the people that will be brought together. XML World 2001 will be among the most energetic and interesting events in the domain of structured markup languages. Whether you are new to XML or an expert of attempting very ambitious implementations, this event will help you to find the right answers, setting a high standard against which all other XML conferences will be measured.

The conference tracks will be as follows:

  • Technical. This track discusses XML development tools and techniques, and general technical issues that arise when processing, managing, exchanging and rendering information encoded with XML.

  • Business. The business track will address applications of XML and this encompasses presentations that focus on international standardization efforts such as ebXML, real-world implementation studies, and the business benefits of deploying XML.

  • Foundation. The foundation track will focus on up to date and detailed description of the key recommendations within the XML family of standards as well as those on the horizon.

  • Euro-Track. This track will be structured around groups of sessions that will be delivered by European companies.


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