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XML World 2000 is a must for anyone who needs to see the many sides of XML in a single instance and to understand how it can be deployed today within their products or business environments. Given the range of sessions planned for the conference, XML World 2000 will be directly useful to both business managers seeking insights into a changing landscape and to developers who want to see what tools and techniques work today.  And everyone interested in the future of the Web and of intelligent, interchangeable information in general, will find XML World 2000 of benefit.  While it is difficult, even impossible, to list out the titles of all of the people who will gain from time spent at XML World 2000, the following are likely candidates:


The choices available to people seeking to learn about XML are now becoming more clear. There are events, on one hand, that focus their attention on the specific details of the emerging specifications and how these can be deployed within sometimes esoteric applications. On the other hand, the are events that seek to bring together the entire community of XML exponents, and to offer a broad survey of the different activities and issues. In a market that is expanding as rapidly as XML, there is a role for both of these types of events. There is also a role, a critical role, to be played by a conference that focuses exclusively on XML Business Applications where XML is making a tangible difference. XML World 2000 is that conference.


Building on the outstanding success of last year's event, XML World will this year offer an expanded program that delivers detailed and practical information about how XML can be used in your applications and organization. I am justifiably proud of the fact that XML World 2000 offers a solid program from both the perspective of the developer and the technology manager. I encourage you not only to attend and participate in XML World but to ensure that your organization is well enough represented to be able to extract its full value.


  • Web Developers

  • Internet Product Managers

  • New Media Specialists

  • Information Managers

  • B2B Application Integrators

  • Business Consultants

  • Technology Architects

  • Venture Capitalists

  • Content Publishers

XML World 2000

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