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Tutorials Package
March 26, 2001

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March 26, 2001
Foundation Tutorial AM
Introduction to XML
Joe Gollner, XIA Information Architects Corporation
Business Tutorial AM
Guidelines on how to XML-Enable Legacy Systems for Real Time Business-to-Business Integration
Edward Budgen, SilverStream

Technical Tutorial AM
Web Services Boot Camp
Doug Tidwell, IBM Corporation

Euro Tutorial AM
Emerging XML Standards for e-Business - UDDI, ebXML and the W3C
John Ibbotson, IBM Corporation

Foundation Tutorial PM
XSL by Example: An Introduction to XML Transformations
Mark Colan, IBM Corporation

Business Tutorial PM
Designing Custom Template Processing Languages Using XML
Christophe Chardonnet, OmniMark

Technical Tutorial PM
XML Processing and Application Integration Using Perl
Tomas Hansson, XIA Information Architects Corporation

Euro Tutorial PM
Weaving the Web with XML: An Overview of the XML Family of W3C Recommendations
Henry Thompson, W3C