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One Day Conference Package
One Day Conference
and Exposition
March 28, 2001

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  Conference Day 2
March 28, 2001

Session T3
XML Web Services: Description, Discovery and Execution
James Tauber, Bowstreet

Session B3
Accelerating e-Business Portals with XML
Chris Childers, Sequoia Software

Session E3
XML Architectures for Electronic Business-to-Business Solutions
Peter Stamps, Software AG

Session T4
Persistence of Recursive XML Objects via Microsoft SQL Server
David Liu, California State University

Session F4
Practical XML and XSLT Solutions for an Electronic Business
Erik Cordsen, EZPrints

Session B4
The Death of Middleware in Financial Services - Long Live XML
Mike Cardiff, Prologic Corporation

Session E4
XML Messaging and Process Automation: The Nest Development Paradigm
Bart Oostlander, Compuware Corporation

Session T5
Developing XML-Enabled Java Applications - How to Manage and Persist XML Objects in Java
Frank Thelen, POET Software

Session F5
Standardizing Software Documentation using XML
John Cooke, University of Saskatchewan

Session B5
Using XML Content Integration Technologies to Maximize e-Business Potential
Nathan Birtle, Arbortext

Session E5
Extending the Reach of Applications with Web Services
Andrew Gray, Rogue Wave Software

Session T6
XML Security: Security Designed for the Web
Ed Simon, Entrust Technologies

Session F6
Defining Design Guidelines for XML Messages Used in Enterprise Application Integration

Hans Arents, I.T. Works

Session B6
Making the Promises of XML Real for the Real World!
John Goodson, MERANT

Session E6
XEON: An Enterprise Middleware for the Internet
Luca Bompani, University of Bologna

Session T7
Securing XML-Based Web Transactions
Eric Olden, Securant Technologies

Session F7
Portal Integration Strategies
Bryan Caporlette, Sequoia Software

Session B7
Xpharm: Utilizing XML to Pioneer Novel Communication Methods in Science Publishing
Anita de Waard, Elsevier Science

Session E7
A System for Managing Documents in a Step-by-Step Process
Andrea Marchetti, IAT-CNR

Closing Session
Standards and Community Building: IBM's Approach to e-Business
Mark Colan, IBM Corporation