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One Day Conference Package
One Day Conference
and Exposition
March 27, 2001

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  Conference Day 1
March 27, 2001

Keynote Session
Standards, Swarms and Synergy
Simon Phipps, sun Microsystems

Keynote Session
XML and Democracy
Joe Gollner, XIA Information Architects Corporation

Keynote Session
XML Web Services
Edd Dumbill, XML.com

Keynote Session
XML - Knitting the Web Together
Henry Thompson, W3C

Session T1
A Third Way: The Hierarchical / Streaming XML Parsing Model
Christophe Chardonnet, OmniMark

Session F1
XML is User-Friendly
Michel Vulpe, i4i

Session B1
Mobile Commerce
Lynne Thompson, Unisys Corporation
Nick Smilonich, Unisys Corporation

Session E1
Using XML for Archiving Software-Lifecycle Artifacts in Revision Control Systems
Holger Doernemann, Rational GmbH

Session T2
Leveraging VoiceXML
Dana Vizner, IBM Corporation

Session F2
XML / ICE Standard - A Driving Force for Internet and M-Commerce in Europe
Scott Cahill, Kinecta Corporation

Session E2
Search Methods Within XML Document Collections
Jeroen van Rotterdam, X-Hive Corporation